47 GHZ

The 47 GHz Primary amateur band is surprisingly accessible courtesy of the availability of synthesisers and multipliers for simple transverters. Good distances are possible from hilltop locations (the UK record is >200km). Indeed, the technology is sufficiently mature that 47GHz can also be used as a talkback frequency for 76 and 134 GHz trials/contacts.

In the UK an annual 47GHz trophy is available, awarded by UKuG.

Equipment Award

47GHz Transverter by Roger Ray G8CUB

UKuG 47 GHz Trophy

Chris G0FDZ 47GHz transceiver

Dual band 47/76 GHz transceiver

RSGB 47 GHz Background

  • RSGB: 47 GHz Brief

    YouTube 47 GHz QSOs

    See below or click for our 47GHz Playlist

    UKuG Millimetre Wave Contest 17-Jul-2016 - at Hackpen Hill IO91CL12

    47GHz Crossband with 145 MHz Winchester Dec-2012

    Roger G8GUB, 2013

    47GHz Equipment Comparisons, Oct-2012, 75km from the Bell Hill Beacon

    Chris G8BKE portable at Batcombe in Dorset - Sept-2013
    (Whilst setting a new 76GHz 102km distance record as well)
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    Some UK 47GHz webpages

    Beacons - 47GHz Beacon map

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