24 GHZ

The 24GHz band is the first Primary amateur and amateur-satellite allocation above 144 MHz and is available to all UK Intermediate and Full Licensees. In the UK/Europe narrowband operation is centred on 24048 MHz within the Amateur Primary segment.

24 GHz is the first of the Millimetre Wave bands and is one of the many areas where amateurs innovate. The short wavelengths lend themselves to portable equipment and high antenna gains to achieve remarkable operating ranges despite a nearby atmospheric resonance from water vapour at 22 GHz.

Equipment Award

24 GHz user equipment is typically portable in nature with directional dish antennas

UKuG 24GHz trophy

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24GHz Videos

Video clip of the UKuG 24 GHz loan system in use in Oct-2017, courtesy of Barry Lewis G4SJH:-

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