L-Band Synthesiser

As described in the June-2006 Scatterpoint, software for the 'Simple and Cheerful L Band Synthesiser' is here

Circuit Tools & Simulation

Avago Appcad

Free utility from Avago (formerly Agilent) covering Transmission lines, Transistor Parameters, cascaded noise etc. Its not ADS, but its free!
Download Link - 14MB

TXLine - Transmission Line Calculator

This free software from AWR analyses/synthesises microwave transmission lines for microstrip, stripline, coplanar and slotline.
Download v1.1 Here, or Newer 2003 Version

RFSim99 - Microwave Circuit Simulator

This free shareware from HyDesign can perform linear S-parameter simulation, tolerance analysis, stability circles, matching, tuning and filter design.
Download v1.05 Here - 2MB

QUCS - Circuit Simulator

Quite Universal Circuit Simulator is an Open Source circuit simulator for Windows, Mac and Linux with schematic capture, s-parameters, flexible graphing.
Download Link


Free Spice-based simulator and other tools from Analog Deices (formerly Linear Technology) with full schematic entry, libraries, custom symbols etc.
Download Link ~5MB

Analog Devices

Free tools for DDS, rf calculators etc.
Download Link

EM Solvers

Sonnet Lite

Sonnet Lite is a free, limited capacity, version of a professional EM Solver for microstrip and stripline design.
Download Link

Ansys HFSS

A student version of the Ansys Electronics/HFSS 3D EM Solver suite - the High Frequncy Stucture Simulator
Download Link

CST Student Edition

A free though restricted version of the CST Electromagnetics suite
Download Link

Feko Student Edition

Feko Student Edition (with Winprop) is a free, limited capacity, version of a professional EM Solver for Antenna design.
Download Link

Miscellaneous Utilities

Super Filter design program called "LC" or "Elsie"

This very useful program from Jim Tonne WB6BLD has a free version, and his website has other handy utilities.

AADE Filter Design

Free lumped/crystal filter design and analysis - archived copy:
Mirror site

G4JNT Software Archive

Courtesy of Andy Talbot G4JNT, useful Beacon and other Software utilities.
Download Link

Paul Wade W1GHZ (ex N1BWT) "On-line Microwave Antenna Book"

This large and thorough work is split into sections for easy downloading.
Link to table of contents of the "Microwave Antenna Book"