Scatterpoint is published by the UK Microwave Group, succeeding the former RSGB Microwave Newsletter following a transfer in July 2004. Access to current copies is one of the prime benefits of UKuG membership.

Scatterpoint is distributed to UKuG members by download. This is the most reliable way of getting Scatterpoint each month. What’s more, you will have a choice of two formats to download: A4 single pages and A5 booklet editions (both in colour), which look really great when printed out on your colour printer.

Download Site: To join the Group go to: and click on the button +Apply for Membership in this Group User-ID / Email Address: uses your email address as a user-id. It is extremely important to set up your account user profile to make your identity/callsign clear, otherwise UKuG reserves the right to reject your group membership if we cannot identify you as a current UKuG member (typically caused by obscure email addresses). The Editor and Membership Secretary will particularly appreciate making their life easier!

Do not confuse this group with the UK Microwaves Reflector which is a place where folk can freely air their opinions, have silly arguments at times and even swap technical notes when they feel so moved! The only emails you will receive from the Scatterpoint Group will be the monthly advice to say your new Scatterpoint is ready for download. It will typically remain there for TWO months.

At any one time, there will always be the present month’s Scatterpoint and that of the previous month available. Very occasionally, we might send readers a special important message. We are also planning to send membership renewal notices this way as the system lends itself nicely to that. Many thanks for your co-operation.

NB1: Only paid up UKuG members are be able to use this facility so there is no danger of ‘freeloaders’ or spurious mail affecting you.

NB2: If you joined by being migrated from the former Yahoo Scatterpoint group - it is necessary that you reset and apply a fresh password; and logon to ensure your account profile clearly identifies your name/callsign as per the User-ID note above.