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3400MHz Bandpass filter
ZL EME Echo tests on 5.7GHz
Evanescent Filter for 23cm EME
W1GHZ Waveguide slot antenna
2010 Contest Rules & Calendar
Austria 122GHz Long distance QSO
Reverse DDS locking for oscillators
Phase Noise and MDS
Transverter in a cardboard box
Japanese EME 8J1AXA
New venue for Yorkshire roundtable
UKuG/BATC joint activity event
Reverse DDS Part-2
Thales TGTR-23 on 24GHz
GB3CSB Beacon
GB75CH/GB75BRS Radar anniversary
Microwaves in Russia UA3MCJ,
Finningley Roundtable programme
Mike Dixon G3PFR Silent Key
2300MHz spectrum release in EI
Elcom CDFSL Synthesisers
BFQ136 3 Watt Driver for 1296MHz
Parabolic Antenna Calculations
Dish feed and spillover at 1296MHz
Echoes of Apollo weekend in ZL
3cm or bust!
Software Defined Radio at 144MHz
RAL Roundtable Report
Useful Solder Source
Lowband Contest Results
Multiplier using a modified LNB
JT4 Data for the UKuG RDDS
QRP2000 synthesiser review
47GHz feedhorn for an Offset dish
RF Solutions GPS 1513R Module
External Mixer/frequency extender
Noise source calibration
Breakfast in East Anglia
Lidl LNB mod for 10GHz preamp
Recycling 900MHz hybrids for 23cm
EME: A case of Moth Ears
New 10GHz World Records
Installing a DB6NT 500W SSPA
28V DC Power supply
The Forecast for the Weekend...
ATV Network Day Report
Finningley Microwave weekend report
ZL - Disaster Strikes UKuG Member
Texas 14th EME Conference Report
The Fraser Shepherd Award
Bending tool for 141 semi rigid
Surplus motor for dish control
Installing a 1.7m dish on 10GHz
Ray Pounder G3DVQ SK
Scatterpoint delivery changes
Laser Transceiver revisited
PTT mod for the Standard C58 2m Tx
G4JNT path calculation spreadsheet
CW operating table ideas
2010 Contest Results