An Amateur Radio Publication for the Microwave Enthusiast

• Automatic beacon monitoring
• Getting Toshiba 3.4GHz SSPAs on the Air
• FT736 microwave transverter switching
• RF Connector refreshers
• Farewell to EI2AK and G8JMG
• New World 134GHz records
• First GW to LX on 3cm
• 96MHz Direct Frequency Synthesis source
• Digimodes at Microwave Frequencies
• Optical Alignment of Dish antennas
• Compact 5.7GHz Transverter
• Workbench Aid and SMT Soldering
• FT290R Switching Voltage notes
• Microwaver Joel W5ZN becomes ARRL President
• A Simple Amplified RF Detector
• Polarisation Tests on 10GHz EME
• Cheap and Easy Microscope Illuminator
• The Poundshop Radio … a cheap wb IF
• 10GHz portable “Traffic Light” RX in 10 minutes!
• GB3VHF … a beacon for the 21st century
• Improving an old MM 1296MHz transverter
• Another 134GHz DX record
• UK Beacons coordinated review and update
• GaAsFET preamp bias board
• 8.4GHz DSN Receiver
• Simple PIC beacon keyer
• The First Amateur Laser beacon?
• Experiences with a Home Station
• Voyager-1 received by Amateurs
• Jupiter GPS modules… supply source
• G4JNT GPS Distribution Amplifier
• 10GHz Filters assessment
• Microwave Conductive Epoxy
• Recording and Recognising “Firsts”
• UKuG Proceedings and Lapel Badges
• Bochum EME Tests
• 24GHz - Good on ya Poms!
• An Auto switching 10MHz Oscillator
• Simple and Cheerful L-Band Synthesiser
• A GPS Display
• 24GHz “Easy Build” Transverter
• First Microwave Workshop report
• Portable Internet Access via PAYG GPRS
• New 5.7GHz EME record
• New Ofcom Licence benefits microwavers
• Comb Generator - 1MHz Marker
• High Performance Dual Mode 10GHz feedhorn
• First UK 24GHz EME contacts by G4NNS
• New UK 10GHz DX record
• Microwaver G3PYB becomes President of BATC
• 3.4GHz First: GM to OZ
• SWR Correction using Stub Matching
• Low Power MOSFET Amplifier Modules
• French amateurs achieve Laser rainscatter QSOs
• Doug Nasey GW3ATM now SK
• RSGB Microwave Manager G3PFR retires
• Beacon Applications resubmitted
• French Laser communication via rainscatter!
• FRARS Beginner’s Workshop success
• Slovaks make their first lightwave contacts
• Universal Control Board
• 12-28V DC-DC Converter Relay Supply
• Attenuator Checker
• Contesting in Style – M0EYT/P
• August Lowband Contest Results
• G3PFR and ON4KST receive Special UKuG Awards
• A Simple RF power Reference
• Rainscatter in Norway
• G6JYB becomes new RSGB Microwave Manager
• EU millimetre band records
• Denis Bagshaw, G3FNQ, now Silent Key
• Ofcom confirm permanent UK 75.5-76GHz allocation