Below are the original Scatterpoint newsletters which were published roughly quarterly when the group was founded, prior to the transfer of the RSGB Microwave Newsletter. Martyn G0CZD was the editor and has extra info at http://www.czd.org.uk/radio/ukug/index.php. The issues are available online below in Acrobat PDF format:-

More recent editions of Scatterpoint are here

The Originals . . . PILOT - NOVEMBER-1999
The DC Bands
Change my transverter crystal? - yet again!
Rain scatter - Where When How ?
Testing Times
Issue-1 - FEBRUARY-2000
A look at the 'DC' bands
WA5VJB Antenna Measuring notes
Minicircuits ZHL42 amplifiers
YAMSHA: Yet Another Mode S Helical Antenna
California Microwave 11-026700 Tx on 3.4GHz
Membership News
Issue-2 - JUNE-2000
Tips for multiband operation
HS400 modification
System Benchmarking
Direct Digital Synthesis for microwavers
The Manchester 10368MHz Beacon
VHF/UHF Tropospheric Ducting Forecast
Issue-3 - OCTOBER-2000
The WA5VJB log periodic
Proposal for a scatter monitoring system
Sun noise measurements
Roundup of sweep oscillators
DiSQeC system to control masthead equipment
Issue-4 - FEBRUARY-2001
The DC bands 1.3 and 2.3 News
How much gain do you need in your preamp?
Tuned AF Level Meter for RF measurements
2.5GHz TV converters for Amateur Satellite reception
Low cost VHF-10GHz noise source
Issue-5 - JUNE-2001
Waterproof WA5VJB feed, 2.3GHz antenna
Tuned AF Level Meter for RF measurements - Part 2
AO-40 S2 transponder performance spreadsheet
Pulse Valve info for Microwave bands
HS400 - Fitting Electrical Frequency Control
Issue-6 - OCTOBER-2001
DC bands 1.3 and 2.3 News
Tropo and Antennas
1kHz Amplitude modulated 10GHz Gunn diode
Antenna measurements at Adastral Park
Bondage - Wire Bonding

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