Beacons provide an essential service for propagation, development/testing, and assisting newcomers.

  • HF, 50MHz, 70MHz, 144MHz, 432MHz
  • 1.3GHz, 2.3GHz, 3.4GHz, 5.7GHz
  • 10GHz, 24GHz, 47GHz, 76GHz, 134GHz
  • UK Licensing Conditions: Radii
  • UK 70cm Beacon Project  
  • IARU Region-1 Beacon Data:
  • HF
  • 50 MHz - G3USF
  • VHF-Microwave - IARU-R1 C5
  • RSGB: Beacon List (ETCC)
  • Vetting: Status, ETCC - Applications
  • BeaconSpot - Reports
  • UK Beacons Reflector - News

  • Beacons: Application, Renewal & Status Forms (ETCC)
  • IARU-R1 Guide to Beacons - v7.00, Jan-2015
  • Note: The UK Microwave Group is willing to assist with Microwave Beacons, their keepers and their technology development, to ensure that coverage is adequate, sustainable and feature-rich. Our Support schemes include:-

    Beacon Support funds/advice - Application form etc

    In some microwave bands Speech and TV Repeaters can be a useful aide. Data is on the RSGB ETCC website:-

  • Voice: 23cms
  • ATV:  23cms, 13cms, 3cms

    Useful Links
    RSGB Propagation Info
    UK Beacons - quick link for this site
    Take Care Near: L-band Radars, Radio Telescopes

    South Coast Repeater and Beacon Group - GB3SCX etc Bell Hill Beacons
    Finningley Beacons - GB3FNY, GB3KEU
    Martlesham Beacons - GB3MHZ
    Manchester Beacons - GB3MAN (QRT)
    Birmingham Beacons - GB3OHM
    Leicester Beacons - GB3LES, GB3LEF, GB3LEU, GB3LEX
    Cambridge GB3CAM: 10GHz, 24GHz
    GB3MCB St Austell, Cornwall
    GB3VHF & GB3UHF 144.430MHz, 432.430MHz - Beacons for the 21st Century
    GB3NGI, GB3WGI N.Ireland Beacons
    French Beacons
    Swedish Beacons
    OZ7IGY - Danish Beacon Cluster

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