The 2005 Crawley Roundtable was on Sunday September 25.
For more details, contact Derek Atter G3GRO, 01293-520424


Below is the programme which includes both testing and talks sessions.

Microwave Round Table - Sunday 25th September 2005
          Crawley Amateur Radio Club

10.00 AM     Doors Open

10.30-12.30  Informal bring-and-buy and general natter session

12.30-13.30  Lunch Break - Limited qty. refreshments
             available on-site as usual
             Bacon/Sausage butties/rolls, tea, coffee, soft drinks etc. etc.

Technical Session:

13.45-14.15  Modern Low Noise 432/1296 MHz Preamp design
             using ATF 54143 - David Bowman G0MRF

14.15-14.45  230W RF output masthead mounted PA
             with integral switched mode PSU and LNA
             using DB6NT MOSFET module with remote monitoring.
               -Derek Atter G3GRO

14.4515.15  Tea break

15.1516.00  Mechanical Construction for the Microwaver
               Chris Whitmarsh G0FDZ

16.0016.45  Display of home brew equipment.

             Participants are invited to bring items for display
             preferably with brief explanatory notes. (We are trying
             to arrange if possible for the G3VVB trophy to be
             awarded to the entrant adjudged to be the best exhibit.)

17.00 Approx Close

Technical Facilities:
It is planned to have Noise Figure and power measurement
facilities available throughout the day.

Access to Site:
The access road into Tilgate Recreational Centre and the CARC Clubhouse (Hut18) is via the sliproad at the new traffic lights on the southbound carriageway of the A23 (Brighton Road), just south of Crawley heading towards Brighton, and about 200m from the Broadfield Football Stadium roundabout which is well signposted.

The Clubhouse is accessed via a fairly narrow track for about 200m. Watch out for the new concrete anti-traveller caravan chicane then turn right at the 3rd sleeping policeman!

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